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Daily Cleanser

4 times more effective In make up removing Maximum protection for facial skin against aging Daily Cleansing for facial skin from the impurities more than the traditional ways

Facial brush For visibly refined skin

Silicon Facial brush to remove dead skin and clean skin deeply Stimulates blood circulation in the face giving it a more lively appearance Lift the face and lift the double chin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles

Power deep cleanser

It effectively absorbs skin impurities and promotes healthy skin designed for oily skin High and medium activity to prevent grain formation and black heads It is recommended to use after a steam bath with FS 50

Pureo Deep Cleansing facial brush

The facial brush cleans up to 6 times more thoroughly than by hand. Circular or oscillating rotation and 7 different brush attachments – choose depending on your skin type and personal preference!

Pureo Deep Clear facial brush

Deep cleansing & weekly exfoliation for skin pores Younger skin day after day via blue light technique and gentle massage that improve the facial skin collagen