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3D Shiatsu seat cover

Complete relaxation at home , the Shiatsu seat cover provides a sense of well-being in your home. 4 Shiatsu massage heads with 3D rocker technology and 2 rotating Shiatsu neck massage fingers create a relaxing massage experience.

Infrared Massage

The infrared massager provides a soothing and relaxing vibration massage. You can alter the massage according to your wishes thanks to the 3 interchangeable attachments

Infrared massager

Relax and enjoy a soothing vibration massage. The rotating massage head and 3-way adjustable handle make the massager with infrared heat easy to use.

Massage seat cover

Feel-good, relaxing vibration massage. The car adapter even allows you to use the massage seat cover in the car ideal for long car journeys.

Shiatsu massage cushion

relaxing massage at home with the versatile massage cushion. Whether it's your shoulders, neck, back or legs

Shiatsu seat cover

A penetrating full-body massage is now possible at home. The automatic body-scan function provides customised relaxation with Shiatsu, swing and roll massage

Shiatsu seat cover

With the MG 206 Shiatsu seat cover you can experience a truly relaxing back massage in the comfort of your home.

Spa mini massager

The spa mini massager is waterproof and can therefore even be used in the bath and shower – wellness for any occasion. Water-resistant exfoliation device and massager. Gentle vibration massage. 12 massage nubs. Ideal for back, neck, arms and legs.

Tapping massager

The infrared massager with its penetrating tapping massage helps you feel relaxed. The infrared heat can be selected separately. The device is versatile in its application thanks to its removable handle

Tapping massager

Tapping massager With the penetrating and relaxing tapping massage you can relax and loosen your muscles