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2-in-1 comfort air purifier: air cleaning and air humidification rolled into one

Air cleaning and air humidification in one! The comfort air purifier ensures clean air. Cold evaporation provides additional air humidification. This helps you feel comfortable at all times.

3D Shiatsu seat cover

Complete relaxation at home , the Shiatsu seat cover provides a sense of well-being in your home. 4 Shiatsu massage heads with 3D rocker technology and 2 rotating Shiatsu neck massage fingers create a relaxing massage experience.

Air Humidifir

The ultrasound humidification technology of the air humidifier ensures an optimum relative air humidity in your home.

Air Humidifir

Make dry heated air a thing of the past – the air humidifier with ultrasound humidification technology ensures an optimum relative air humidity.

Air Purifier

Want to breathe deeply once more? Filter domestic dust, animal hair, odors, pollen, fine dust as well as various bacteria and viruses out of the air with the new air purifier!

Air Purifier

Take a deep breath! Banish pervasive pollutants from your home. The LR 500 air purifier ensures that the air you breathe at home is clean. with App-controlled air purifier (WIFI) The Filter performance: 99.95 % PM 2.5 Sensor – recognizes fine dust with particle sizes of up to 2.5 μm

Body Brush

Thoroughly deep-cleanse your skin – this is made simple with the FC 55 Pureo Complete Cleansing

Cellulite Massage

Keep your connective tissue in top shape – the effective massage of the cellulite massager promotes circulation in the skin layers

Clinical thermometer

The thermometer has a short measurement time of approx. 10 seconds. An acoustic signal is issued after the end of the measurement – for easy and precise measuring.

Compressed Nebuliser

The Nebuliser helps to treat the upper and lower airways, colds, asthma and respiratory diseases. Compressed-air technology High proportion of respirable particles

Compressed Nebuliser

The Nebuliser with compressed-air technology is used to treat respiratory diseases. Treatment is pleasant due to the short inhalation time. Compressed-air technology High proportion of respirable particles